I'm a Freelander photographer, an Autodidact retoucher, I admire all kinds of photography, from my beginnings I made all kinds of photos, nature, macro, social.

But what I enjoy the most and love is the world of fashion, portrait and take it to my land.

In my beginnings of the world of portraiture and fashion, I thank two people, Eduardo Jerez, organizer of events such as the Photofestival for their support from the beginning and Rebeca Saray, which was my first serious lesson in the world of this art, a great photographer and retouching where in one of his Workshops in Malaga I learned of his art.

I have always tried to take photography to my way of seeing things, where the female model is the Goddess, the main thing, always with a romantic, sweet vision, where I try to capture the Soul of the model.

In photography; I like to be less proactive, skip the rules, intuitive and look for new things, improvisation often gives you that image that you were looking for.

I have given a Photography Workshop for the Spanish geography, in Úbeda, Salobreña, Denia, Reus, Palencia, Tenerife, Cambrils, etc.

Lover of nature, social life, although I like to have my moments of solitude and enjoy photography.


Javier Jayma